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[October 1, 2019 revision] About change of service contents of Inzai City community bus "contact bus"

[September 15, 2019]

Contact Basma Scot character
Contact bus

From October 1, 2019, we change some service contents of contact bus.

As you change route, service contents of the west route as follows among Inba City Branch route, the east routes, in the case of the use, please be careful.

Inba, Motono City Branch route (Inba City Branch, Motono City Branch, Makinohara circulation route)

  • It is changed route name to "Inba, Motono City Branch route" by "Inba City Branch route"
  • Route extension (Motono City Branch entry of), revision of service diamond
  • "Motono City Branch", it is founded "Tsunoda entrance" stop "Motono Community Centerl bottom"
  • We change name of stop of from "the Takino 3 east" to "Motono clinic town"

The east route (Kobayashi, Motono City Branch, Hiraoka circulation route)

  • We extend route (Motono City Branch entry of) and are revised service diamond
  • New establishment of "Motono City Branch" stop

Naka route (Bessyo, Makinohara, Takabana circulation route)

  • Revision of service diamond

The west route (the Eiji era, Kikari circulation route)

  • Revision of service diamond

The south route (Chiba new subdivision circulation route)

  • There are no changes such as time schedule revision.

The south route timetable

Fusa route (the city hall ⇔ Chiba New Town Chuo Station north exit)

  • There are no changes such as time schedule revision.

Fusa route timetable

Point of change of this time (October 1, 2019 revision)

  • We extend "Inba, Motono City Branch route" and "the east route" to Motono City Branch and organize diamond to be able to pass through as much as possible. In this way, all of you along the east route transfer to Inba, Motono City Branch route, and, to Inzai-Makinohara Station area and the Inba Nihon Idai Station zone, along Inba, Motono City Branch route changes in the east route and becomes able to go each to the Kobayashi Station zone and the Kioroshi Station zone, city hall.
  • Because we found "Motono City Branch" "Motono Community Centerl bottom" "Tsunoda entrance" stop, convenience improves for house ino all of you in the outskirts.
  • By current service, route, the west route operate the simultaneous departure, transit by simultaneous arrival in city hall among the east routes. Because service time for east route is postponed till 68 minutes with this extension for five minutes from one lap of 63 minutes, Naka route and the west route revise service diamond to depart all at once. (because there are many delays by traffic jam, about Naka route, the west route, we do lapel time in city hall with 15 minutes from ten minutes and find break of driver and prevent delay to the next flight again and will find safe service.)
  • By this change, Motono City Branch touches; "Inba, Motono City Branch route" and "the east route" of bus "the universe line" of canola flower traffic bus riding together taxi "swan" each entry of so-called; "make terminal", and do. Access to many aspects including the Inzai-Makinohara Station area, the Inba Nihon Idai Station, Nippon Medical School Hospital area, Kobayashi Station, Kioroshi Station, the city hall area, the Sakura Station area, the Ajiki Station area is enabled if we go in Motono City Branch, and, for the use, improvement in convenience is expected. (we refer to the following Motono City Branch transit timetables)

"Motono City Branch" stop transit timetable

Figure of timetable, route of the whole contact bus


 Even if there is the same service route to anywhere; 100 yen
 (advance payment. Free of charge to primary schoolchild, infants, the disability certificate holder and one person of person with a disability assistance)
 PASUMO (PASMO) Suica is available, too.

※There is not raise of the fare by consumption tax increase from October 1.

Transit between route

 Service route is 6 roots, but can transfer to other routes free.
 When you change, please report to driver. We issue "transit ticket".

 ※The use of transit ticket is limited to the person who received issuance only on issue date.
 ※We cannot take root that received issuance with transit ticket again.
 ※We cannot refund reissue of transit ticket.

※About transit place of contact bus, we assume city hall, Motono City Branch, five places of city 3 Station (Kioroshi Station, Chiba New Town Chuo Station, Inzai-Makinohara Station) in total.

To impaired person

Contact bus becomes free to the disability certificate holder and one person of person with a disability assistance. We introduce non-step bus by all routes, and it is bus which is kind to impaired person.

State in the car
Wheelchair space


 At light blue stop, pop big (raccoon dog) and kon assistant (fox) of character of contact bus are marks.

※Please note that you may not travel by traffic jam, weather, accident on schedule. Particularly, flight of Naka route, the west route, the south route may be largely from estimated time late by traffic jam of Inzai-Makinohara Station area and Chiba New Town Chuo Station area.

Bus stop

We release the contact bus time, transit search system

 As you release "the contact bus time, transit search system" which can search the service time or transit method, the time required of contact bus, please use.

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[October 1, 2019 revision] Route according to change nitsuiteheno of service contents of Inzai City community bus "contact bus"